Monash Children’s Walk 2014 a huge success!

What a day it was on Sunday 2nd March for our 2nd Annual WALK FOR MONASH CHILDREN.

My sincere and humble thanks to the whole team because of which we raised the amount which no one even dreamed off. That day more than 450 individuals attended the event and we raised closed to $20,000 for Monash Children Parents Room Project and increased our total commitment to $25,000 for this project.


IMG 4434
I would like to acknowledge here that without the help of REWAL family help this success was almost unthinkable. Where Rewal family was biggest help the RATAN and ASHOK support held me together like two supporting pillars each side. Suvinder, Eshan and Vinod Patel also played there roles beautifully and contributed towards the success of this events which you can see now. Thanks to all those also who worked and supported the team without coming in the lime light or at front. Jasbir, please pass on my sincere thanks to Vinod also when you see him.

Because of this very success I am also of the view that we should raise our contribution towards KAMAL surgery overseas to $2500.00. May be this is all because of his and his family good wishes that we have touched this new heights in our efforts.

Thanks again for your support. Already we have started our work on “GOOD FRIDAY WALK” and intersection collection. Please spread the message around as we need few more VOLUNTEERS for walk and intersection collection and also few Senior people as Supervisors for our intersection collection sites.

Shashi Kochhar

Friends of the Children Foundation

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