Domestic Violence “FAITH & CULTURE “ Silence is not an answer

Dear Friends,

On 5/6/14 at 7 pm (to 9 pm), we (City of Monash Interfaith Gathering) are planning to present a forum onDomestic Violence from a multi-faith/multi-cultural perspective at the Clayton Theattrate next to the Library and in Swimming Pool complex.

Our current thinking is that we wish to take this project more on PRACTICAL  & HANDS ON lines than research or academic lines.  For this we plan to have 3-4 “introductory” speakers rather than a single ‘keynote’ speaker and then have open house on question and answers from public.  This final panel will be of perhaps 4-6 people.  The speakers will be from different faith groups but with the similar back ground of working with “Domestic Violence” affected individuals. We also plan to have a one or two individuals who went through this experience and now wish to share their stories or experiences with general public.

Our City of Monash Mayor Mr. Geoff Lake will be present for the forum or close the forum with a common statement from Council perspective. We will invite about 120 guests from different back grounds and experiences and they will be taking part in ‘Q&A’ session in the second half of the forum.

Please reserve your seat by contacting Monash Council contact details given on attached flyer. Hope to see you that night and please do circulate this flyer in your circle. Don’t hesitate in contacting me if you require any other information.


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