[Update] Multicultural Children’s Festival


It was a true reflection of TEAM spirit and working together, for collective goal or objective was the scene on Saturday 3rd October during our first inaugural “MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN FESTIVAL” at Harmony Square Dandenong.

For all of us this event was huge success and great learning experience. Personally I will not hesitate in saying that we achieved our objective or Goal of PROMOTING HARMONY and SPREADING GOODNESS in the community on that day. About two hundred families attended the event with their siblings and gave the colour and atmosphere to the event, which we were aiming to achieve through this event. We are thankful to City of Greater Dandenong for their help and support and especially to the Mayor Cr Sean O’Reilly, who stayed with us for more than two hours, mingled around encouraged and motivated the performers and participants.

The authentic food from various corners of the world along with traditional dance performances from Bollywood to Indian Classical to Afghan to North Indian Bhangra entertained everyone and gave the feel by creating the scene of true MULTICULTURAL AUSTRALIA where everyone was enjoying the food and performances with the emotions of respect for each other.