[Event] Clean Up Australia Day (13th March)

FOTCF invites you Clean Up Australia Day Activity around Clayton Railway Station on Sunday, 13th March between 10:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Be a part of Clean up Australia Day activity and help keep Australia clean and beautiful.

Littering is an antisocial behavior; let’s bring a stop to it.

Let’s demonstrate positive behavior – this is our home and most importantly, home for future generations.

Enjoy a sausage sizzle during the day.

Safety Information for the Day

Please refer to the attached safety information for the Day. There is a copy of all relevant safety information in your Site Guide but we have included some relevant information below also. Please note no children (Under the age of 18) are allowed to participate in Roadside Cleanups and every participant under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate.
The Site Supervisor kit contains a number of items that are included with safety in mind:

  • Gloves – Some gloves are provided in the kit but it is a good idea to ask volunteers to bring extra pairs along the day.
  • Sharps container – Can be provided if the Site Supervisor has requested one during the registration process. please refer to the Site Guide for the correct procedure when removing sharps from your site.
  • Posters – Risk warning posters are provided for Site Supervisors to display at the Clean Up site.
  • Forms: Accident/Incident Forms a included and are to be completed by the Site Supervisor should an accident occur.
  • Additional suggestions: Sunscreen, hats, closed toe shoes, emergency contact details.
  • Additional paperwork including above forms available here



Please RSVP by 9th March

For more information and RSVP:

Shashi Kochhar            0411 415 490      kochharshashi@hotmail.com
Bill Kendall                   0412 787 850     billk@monash.vic.gov.au
Drushti Chandarana   0433 433 856   drushtic05@gmail.com