Community Environmental Forum 2020 Recap

On 9th February 2020 at Brickmakers Park, Oakleigh “Friends of the Children Foundation” celebrated its 1st Australia Day Community Environmental Forum successfully. Some school principals guided us to move our Australia Day celebrations into February to avoid a clash with school holidays and the long weekend.

Our theme, “How to keep this Lucky country……LUCKY, was well attended by 175-200 guests. Our new format was well received, and they appreciated and enjoyed the artwork of many young school children. It was very encouraging to see the crowd participation despite the Corona virus scare.  

We were very buoyed by some very positive and encouraging feedback. During our general discussions, one lady said, “Don’t you think the ship has already sailed”. It took me few seconds to understand and reply to this comment. My comeback was “If we keep standing here and keep talking, ship will move further and further. We all have to work together and work harder to swim and catch the ship, before it is out of our reach”

To create a better future for our coming generations, we must all work hard together to create a better tomorrow. We must work in such a way that we ensure that we are going to leave this world in better order and condition than we inherited it in.

This was our 12th Australia day community get together and 5th, on a theme with the support of local primary schools’ children. Our next year’s theme will be same – “How to keep this lucky country ……LUCKY”. We will be celebrating it on February 14th, 2021. The venue remains the same, Brickmakers Park, Stamford Road Oakleigh. 

Please come and join us on this day and help us create a better tomorrow for our future generations.