Founded in 1998, Friends of the Children Foundation has been active in supporting a number of key charities including the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, Monash Children’s Hospital and Disability Support and Recreation Services. Through the hard work of our committee members, supporters and sponsorship organisations we have been able to raise over $227,156 in fundsIn 2013, we raised $32156.00 in funds. For 2014 we aim to raise $75,000, but we need your help!! To find out how you can get involved with our foundation or for more information, please contact us.

We believe in complete transparency. All money raised is donated to the relevant charitable organisation. No funds are used for personal purposes. We even pay for attendance to our own functions and meetings such as the Annual General Meeting!

Donate to Friends of the Children and help us reach our 2013 fundraising target of $75,000!

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Total funds raised

  • 2013 FOTCF raised $32,156.00 in funds
  • 2012 FOTCF raised $63,805.90 in funds
  • 2011 FOTCF raised $20,806.00 in funds
  • 2010 FOTCF raised $21,916.30 in funds
  • 2009 FOTCF raised $14,256.00 in funds
  • 2008 FOTCF raised$52,443.50 in funds
  • 2007 FOTCF raised $14,823.95 in funds
  • 2006 FOTCF raised 8,225.85 in funds
  • 2005 FOTCF raised $8,313.00 in funds
  • 2004 FOTCF raised $10,259.93 in funds
  • 2003 FOTCF raised $1,430.25 in funds
  • 2002 FOTCF raised $1,377.25 in funds

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A recap of 2013 and looking ahead

In 2013, The Friends of the Children Foundation raised a sum of $32,156.00. Although, this is a smaller amount compared to 2012, 2013 was a year of many firsts including the inaugural walk for Monash Children’s Hospital Fun Run/Walk and The Monash Children’s Hospital Dinner Dance. The 2013 inaugural fun run/walk ran on Sunday 24 February at Jells Park and raised over $4000 for the Monash Children’s Hospital. The fun run/walk is happening again! In 2014 it will be held on Sunday 2 March 2014. 

A recap of 2012 and looking ahead

In 2012, The Friends of the Children Foundation raised a record sum of $63,805.90. Like previous years the major fundraising event for the year was the 28km walk-a-thon from Monash Medical Centre, Clayton to Telstra Dome, on the day of the Good Friday Appeal.

Always striving for new fundraising initiatives the Friends of the Children Foundation recently launched the Jells Park fun run/walk. Scheduled to run on the last Sunday of February, the 2013 inaugural fun run/walk ran on Sunday 24 February at Jells Park and raised over $4000 for the Monash Children’s Hospital!


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