The Friends of the Children Foundation is run by a team of dedicated committee members that meet regularly to implement strategies that will assist in fundraising endeavors for our preferred charities. In 2013, Friends of the Children have committed itself to raise over $75,000.00, if you wish to donate or would like to be involved in our charity simply contact us.

Current Committee

Shashi Kochhar President
Kiran Rewal Vice President
Alok Rohatgi Secretary
Suvinder Sawhney Treasurer
Jasbir Bedi Committee Member
Inderjit Jasal Committee Member
Ashok Jemini Committee Member


Previous Committee

Shashi Kochhar Founding Member
Suvinder Sawhney Treasurer
Inderjit Jasal Sponsorship Coordinator
Ashok Jemini Sponsorship Coordinator
Jaalpa Kochhar Event Coordinator
Nand Dureja Committee Member
Giresh Rewal Committee Member
Kiran Rewal Committee Member
Alok Rohatgi Committee Member
Neeraj Kochhar Committee Member
Rajiv Sachdev Committee Member
Anju Sachdev Committee Member
Ratan Mulchandani Committee Member



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